Dallas fashion blogger Ashley Nudge from The Ashley Edit wearing Jordan Loves James Jewelry Cactus Collar Necklace, Geode Two Stone Turquoise Ring, and Geometric Stack Earring

4 Jewelry Styles That Are Fresh This Season

A selection of standout jewels from Jordan Loves James jewelry.

A couple months ago, I stepped in front of the camera as the face of Jordan Loves James Jewelry’s fall campaign. If you’ve never heard of them before, they are a Houston-based jewelry company that sells affordable, boho-glam pieces for free-spirited girls. The designer, Jordan, started her jewelry business several years ago, and is now carried in 50 retailers in 3 states. Her business is growing faster than she can keep up with, yet that’s no surprise considering how talented she is! As someone who’s obsessed with entrepreneurship, business, and fashion, I felt extremely privileged to get to know Jordan and wear her jewelry! Today I’m honored to share these photos from our collaboration.

The truth is, these photos tell a much bigger story than what the eye can see. After connecting with Jordan and chatting over the summer, I understood where she was at in her journey to scale her business. My role as campaign fashion stylist quickly evolved into being e-commerce product stylist and model as well. I was spread thin, yet determined to help our client the best way possible. Her website needed an upgrade, and I had to make it happen!

Before our scheduled shoot day, the devastating floods hit Houston, putting a temporary hold on our plans. Jordan was to drive and meet us in Dallas/Fort Worth for the shoot. Yet, the photographer and I couldn’t risk her safety as sheets of rain continued to fall across the south. Obstacle after obstacle kept coming our way, and we all wondered when the shoot would actually happen! Despite everything, none of us lost hope. Our girl-squad was determine to create something amazing, so we stayed focused, hustled, and waited for the roads to clear.

This shoot made me realize that the saying is true. Successful people are successful because they have grit. They’re able to stay the course even when things get rough, when everything seems to be going wrong, and nothing is certain. When three ambitious, creative women have a goal in mind, not even mother nature can stop them! Hurricane Harvey couldn’t even dampen our plans! Literally.

I’m so proud of our team for staying in contact, and conquering the difficult logistics of this shoot. This project was a huge leap in my career, and thankfully, the photos look fantastic on Jordan’s site!

So, without further ado, here’s a preview featuring 4 jewelry styles that are fresh this season. 🙂

1. The Cactus Collar Necklace

First let’s talk about this gorgeous statement necklace. If you’re a daring girl who likes oversize accessories, this one’s for you! Other than the name (“cactus collar”… how cute!), what I love about this necklace is it’s elegant simplicity. A lot of times I’ll stray away from statement necklaces because I think they’re too clunky, too colorful, and just plain BUSY. The mismatched, chunky flower statement necklaces with tons of rhinestones were trendy like four years ago, but right now? Uh uh, girlfriend.

Now’s the time to reign in your statement necklace game and go for this beauty. The spikes are edgy, it has pretty color, and the design is sleek and modern. If you ask me, the aventurine green stone looks so sophisticated next to gold, and doesn’t overwhelm the eyeballs like other statement necklaces can. To make it really shine, wear this necklace on top of a black turtleneck!

2. The Geode Drop Collar Necklace

In comparison to the first necklace, this geode necklace is much less dramatic. I’m obsessed with crystals at the moment, and I love that this necklace offers a new take on them. The brass collar is minimal and clean, while the geode is bohemian and natural. I also love that this necklace rests on one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body: the collarbones. Worn with an off-the-shoulder sweater, this drop necklace is understatedly eye-catching!

3. The Tiered Ombre Tassel Earring

So girls, we all know that tassel earrings were huge over the summer. We can still wear them into fall. But, now it’s time to wear a tassel earring that’s a little less profound. At only 2.5 inches, this tiered tassel earring is just long enough to notice with your hair down. Plus, I love the muted pink and burgundy color combo. Unlike the bold turquoise and hot pinks of summer tassel earrings, I find these colors more wearable for fall. They’re perfect for adding a festive touch to your cozy cardigans and sweaters this holiday season. Oh, and the pretty peek of gold on these earrings doesn’t hurt either!

4. The Druzy Bar Suede Wrap

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last. This druzy wrap bracelet is such a fresh and versatile piece for fall, because you can style it so many ways! Here, I’m wearing it as a bracelet. But you can also wear it as a choker necklace, or my favorite way… tied around the band of a hat! The suede wrap is 56 inches long, so you have length to play with it and tie it however you please! I love the idea of wearing it with a bunch of other bracelets to create armful of fall jewels. How would you style it?

I hope you enjoyed these 4 jewelry styles that are fresh this season. Definitely click here for more pieces from Jordan Loves James, and don’t forget to comment below with which piece your favorite! I’d love to know! 😀

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Photography: Fox & Pine

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