Apartment Decor Wish List

The top items I’m lusting over for my first apartment.

Lately, any free time I have is spent on Pinterest looking at apartment decor ideas. I’ve always had a ‘HOME’ board that I’ve pinned cute apartment decor to. But, I never referenced it much because I lived in a dorm all through college. Now that I’ve graduated and I’m saving money by living with my parents, I look forward to the day that I can finally move out to my own place!

Literally you guys, I’m so antsy to decorate that I’ve been decorating my parents’ house whenever I can. First I spruced up the patio. Next I hung up wall art. Then I created a gallery wall. Every trip to Ross is like torture now, because I want to buy all the cute side tables and coffee table accessories. Yet, I don’t have my own space to put them in!



I’m ecstatic to finally get an apartment so I can bring all my Pinterest ideas to life. Before any of that happens though, I need to go apartment-hunting. Right now, I’m considering whether I prefer to live in Dallas with a roommate, or in the surrounding suburbs alone. Living in Dallas would be ideal since I’m constantly driving there for work. But, I could only afford it if I live with someone else.


I also prefer to have a two or three bedroom apartment so I can use one bedroom as an office, which I’ll have to factor into the cost of rent. Since I run my styling and blog projects from home, it would be SO nice to finally have my own studio space/office to spread out and WORK. Right now, I have a desk set up in my bedroom at my parent’s house. Unfortunately, the wifi sucks in that specific corner, so it’s nearly impossible to get anything done there. As a result, I end up working anywhere and everywhere, from the bed, to the couch, to the dining room table. I’ve never had separation between ‘work space’ and ‘personal space’. Yet, every business ownership article I’ve read says that’s an absolute MUST for your sanity!

After years of working with my bed literally right next to my desk, I’m in dire need of separation. Otherwise my mind is constantly on work, and I never shut off. For as long as I can remember, my parents have struggled to create separation between my dad’s business and being “home”. Going forward, I want to avoid making those same mistakes. So, having a separate office space that I can close the door on at day end is #1 on my list of must-haves!


I’ve been thinking of decor for every area of my apartment. But, the one area I’m most excited to decorate is the living room. Since middle school, I’ve been obsessed with black and pink together. So much so, that my childhood bedroom is painted with pink stripes like the Victoria’s Secret bags. Even my college dorm decor was black and pink!

I’ve tried to move on to liking a different color combo. But, I’m just naturally drawn to it and I can’t deny it! Maybe it’s the millennial pink movement that’s happening? I seriously have no idea. Regardless, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I still want those two colors in my apartment, just in smaller doses. Now that I’m older, I’m attracted to the idea of having a neutral, black and white space with subtle pops of light pink. Whether in the form of a pink painting, peonies, or a coffee table book, I definitely want pink to be present, but not loud.

To show you what I’m envisioning, I’ve put together an apartment decor wish list with some of my favorite pieces. I made sure to link everything so you can find them! Enjoy!

Light pink and black apartment decor ideas

  1. Wall Art: This painting from Bed Bath and Beyond is right up my alley. It incorporates pink, but the color doesn’t scream at you as soon as you walk in the door. With hints of army green and lavender, this painting looks both feminine and mature. The abstract style reminds me of Oliver Gal’s work, which, you should definitely check out if you haven’t yet! But at only $36, this canvas is much more reasonable.
  2. Coffee Table: Assuming I’ll get a couch, I’ll need a nice coffee table to pair with it. If I can get my dad to help me, I have a grey and white striped trunk that I want to make into a coffee table by attaching some gold feet to the bottom. But, if that won’t work, this $110 glossy white table will suffice. I love the criss-cross detail on the side which elevates the table from basic to chic!
  3. Brushstoke Printed Pillow: My Pinterest board is covered with this black and white brushstroke pattern, so this criss-cross pillow caught my eye. At about $32 each, a combo of multiple brushstroke pillows could get pricey. Being the creative guru that I am, I may just try to DIY them for cheaper. All you’d need is some white pillows, paint brushes, and black fabric paint. How hard could it be?! 😀
  4. I’m equally as obsessed with this abstract brushstroke pillow.
  5. Side Table: The marble surface and gold legs on this side table make it look far more expensive than it is. You’d never guess that it’s only $70 from Target! My guess is that I’ll have a rather small living area. So, I like the idea of a minimalist, open-bottom side table to create the illusion of extra space.
  6. Frame Set: Above the couch, I’d love to create a picture wall with black and white frames of various sizes overlapping on top of picture shelves. It’s one of my favorite ideas I saw on Pinterest, and to me, it’s fresher and more artsy than a hanging gallery wall. If it’s 100% my own space, I’ll print some of my styling photos to put in this 7-piece frame set!
  7. Sofa: Ahh.. the sofa! When I first started browsing for couches, I had no idea what I wanted. Very quickly though, I narrowed it down to nothing too shapeless and “cushy”, and nothing too traditional. A tufted back was a must! I stumbled across this sofa from Wayfair and I fell it LOVE. For something I’ll use everyday, I felt like black was too ominous, yet white wasn’t practical. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of grey. But as far as sofa colors go, this sofa is the perfect meet-in-the-middle color at $329!
  8. Gold Decorative Figure: I considered putting one of those trendy gold orbs on my wish list before stumbling upon this little mannequin form. When I was in elementary school, my art teacher used to make us sketch these figures in various poses. Art class was always my favorite class, and I attribute much of my creative-nature to those days. That said, I like the idea of referencing my youth and posing this $24 articulating form on a coffee table. It’s a fun conversation starter, and I love the sophistication of the black marble base!
  9. Rug: If I have wood floors, I’d want to cover them with a rug. This grey, white and black striped rug is made for indoor or outdoor use, and available in a multitude of sizes. I’m always a fan of mixing prints, even with home decor. I feel like this rug would look fantastic paired with the black and white pillows!
  10. Vase: As mentioned, I’d want to liven up the space with pops of light pink flowers. This small vase is only $20, and would be a nice addition to a coffee table. Considering how cute and petite the shape is, this vase would fit a handful of peonies perfectly!
  11. Agate Coasters: After styling Jordan Loves James Jewelry’s fall campaign, I’m attracted to anything agate print. I love the earthiness of the rich colors, often mixed with flecks of gold. This $13 4-piece set of watercolor coasters is by Thirstystone, and I swear they manufacture the best quality prints for the price. I got my friend 3 of their coasters with mixed prints (all in the same color scheme), for her birthday. Haha, you know you’re an adult when you start putting coasters on your wish list! 😉
  12. Mirrored Tray: A mirrored tray is a must-have for my future coffee-table. This 1 foot x 1 foot tray is only $40, but it’s level of elegance and sophistication far exceeds the price tag! Seriously, there are similar trays out there that are like $150, which is a little much if you ask me! With clean lines and a solid structure, this tray is one of those classic home decor pieces you’ll never get tired of looking at!
  13. Another brushstoke pillow option, because this one has spots, and therefore I need it. This spotted pillow is like an upgraded, adult-version of a polka-dot pillow!
  14. Fashion Coffee Table Book: As much as I love fashion photography, I surprisingly don’t have any coffee table books on the subject! I’d definitely need to stock up on a couple to create a substantial stack. This book on Harper’s Bazaar’s Greatest Hits is $50, and the pink cover makes sweet a statement!
  15. Floor Length Mirror: Lastly, I’d love to post more of my daily outfits on Instagram. But, I spend so much time alone, it’s difficult to do! What’s the solution? A floor length mirror! With this $108 mirror, I won’t need to rely on anyone to take my outfit photos! I can just take them myself really quick before dashing out the door. Yay!

So there you have it guys! This is everything that’s been on my mind in terms of apartment hunting and decorating. I’m not sure when exactly I’ll move out. It’ll be whenever I have enough saved up and find a place! But, I promise you’ll know right away whenever I do! As you can tell, I’m beyond excited to start this next chapter of life, and it couldn’t come soon enough! 🙂

Thanks for reading.



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