November 2017 Moodboard

Monthly Moodboard: November 2017

Everything that’s inspiring me as the holidays draw near.

1. White and Silver Christmas Decor

Now that every home decor store is in full-blown Christmas mode, I’ve found joy in envisioning how I’ll decorate my first place next holiday season. Since I still live with my parents, that’s basically all I can do at this point. Although I love the red and gold theme of their Christmas decorations, I naturally gravitate to the cozy, Winter Wonderland feel of white and silver Christmas decor displays. There’s something so inviting about that holiday color scheme. Plus, it would pair nicely with the black, grey and white apartment decor pics that have overtaken my Pinterest boards lately. 🙂

2. Cotton Stems

I once read that you should incorporate plants into a room to make it more feng-shui and lively. However, as someone who envisions having an all neutral living room, I wondered if there was an alternative to faux greenery in a room.

When I saw a vase filled with cotton stems in a home interiors post on Instagram, I knew I’d found the answer. You get the texture and natural appeal of plants, without compromising a neutral color scheme! Also, the ruggedness of cotton stems juxtaposes beautifully with a room’s mirrored and glossy surfaces. I’m mildly upset that I forgot to bookmark that post for later (bummer!), but I’m glad the idea stuck!

3. Barely-there Jewelry

Now that the holidays are near, I’m embracing all the cheesy jewelry commercials that come with them. Yep, I secretly love watching those “Every kiss begins with Kayyyy” commercials that pop up this time of year! For 30 seconds, they’re like a mini escape. My inner-romantic comes alive, and suddenly I have hope that I won’t be single forever!

Yes! One day my boyfriend WILL shower me with beautiful jewelry on my doorstep. Yes! One day an amazing man WILL propose to me surrounded by snowfall!

I swear, when I see those jewelry commercials, I’m suddenly so optimistic about love. That said, I do focus on the jewelry, too. 😉 Most the pieces I see featured in those ads are barely-there pieces with lots of sparkle. Whether jeweled or not, the idea of wearing a subtle, sentimental piece of jewelry near my heart warms me up inside!

4. Dallas Home Exteriors

The past two months, I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Dallas. My styling job requires me to do a lot of returning to stores, so I drive through nice Dallas neighborhoods on a regular basis. While paused at stoplights, I like to look at the surrounding houses, and envision which one I’d like to live in. Naturally, I like all the white houses with black shutters. That’s the kind of house I decided I wanted years ago, and to this day, I still do!

If I look at the exteriors long enough, I start picturing what the interiors look like too. And even the personalities of the homeowners! Of course, if the outside of my house was black and white, I’d want to carry that through the inside also. Who wouldn’t love a black and white spiral staircase?! So glam!

5. Fresh Glowy Skin

I picked up Wet n’ Wild’s megaglo highlight makeup stick recently, and I’m loving the quality for the price. I put it on my cheeks, down my nose, and on my Cupid’s bow, and it stays visible all day. For years, I’ve felt that my skin looked lackluster and dry. Now, I use highlighter to make my skin more bright and youthful, and it’s part of my everyday makeup routine!

During the winter time, I love that whole ice baby look of rosy pink cheeks and glowy skin. You know what I mean! It’s the face you get after playing the snow for an hour before rushing inside! Anyway, I know highlighter will come in handy to achieve that look as it gets colder soon. I’m probably the last person to jump on the whole highlighting beauty trend, but I’m so glad I did!

6. Cozy Knit Socks

As I write this, my mom is raking up the leaves outside and the skies are grey with dampness. On such fall days, nothing is more appealing to me than curling up on the couch with a book and hot chocolate. I generally go barefoot around the house, but my feet do get chilly.. even with a blanket on sometimes. (Literally, why isn’t the average size blanket bigger? It’s like they’re not made to cover feet and it makes zero sense!) In those instances, I typically reach for my coziest knit socks. It’s quick fix that I neglect doing until I absolutely need to. Whenever I do slip them on, I instantly appreciate the added comfort.

7. Candlelight

What are holidays without the calming scene of candle flames? For me, candlelight sets the mood and instantly triggers my brain to relax. Currently, I’m inspired by the beauty of pillar candles in glass hurricane vases. Grouped together on a mantle or dining room table, they make an inviting statement that is both warm and romantic.  

8. Fingerless Gloves

While shopping with my lead stylist, I noticed the fingerless gloves she had on. She was texting while wearing them, which made me reconsider them as a super practical fall/winter accessory. I’ve always overlooked fingerless gloves in favor of tech gloves. The only annoyance with tech gloves though is that you have to worry about putting them on, and taking them off, over and over again. With fingerless gloves, you can wear them all day as part of your outfit, without having to put them on 10 times! Plus, they’re ideal for using your phone! Double win!

9. Gallery Walls

Living with my parents, I’m constantly fighting the urge to organize and decorate their house. I’d consider both activities hobbies, and I love the chance to spruce up a neglected corner. Months ago, my mom and I bought an assortment of frames from At Home to create a gallery wall in the dining room. I gathered a ton of layout inspiration from Pinterest before setting on a reasonably sized gallery wall as a final go-by. After gathering all the pictures, I hung our gallery wall over the weekend. Luckily, I’m really pleased with the result, and now I’m even more excited to create a gallery wall of my own soon!

I’d love to know, what’s inspiring YOU this month? 


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