Thrifted Leopard Print Jacket

Thrift Finds: Leopard Print Jacket

Last month, I launched my new Thrift Finds series by blogging about a red bandana belt. In today’s thrift finds post, I’m chatting outerwear, and sharing this amazing leopard print jacket!

I stumbled upon this jacket at Family Thrift Outlet in Fort WorthFor a long time, I’ve had the idea to style an all leopard-print editorial with two or three models. Although I originally purchased this jacket for that purpose, I quickly realized that I liked it for myself as well!

Before wearing this leopard print jacket, I had to get it dry cleaned. Not going to lie, this jacket had a funky smell to it that I was NOT fond of! Luckily, it came back good as new, and I happily added it to my wardrobe. I’ve never owned a printed jacket, so I love that I have a bold, neutral outerwear option to wear when I’m feeling daring.

It’s hard to tell in the photos. But this leopard print jacket has a fuzzy texture to it, so it’s definitely a fun, unique piece! I love the pockets on the front, and the black buttons which add a functional, stylish touch. I see now that one of the pockets wasn’t closed during this shoot (whoops!). But, both the buttons are there! Thrifting tip: ALWAYS make sure all the buttons are there BEFORE you buy!

In terms of styling, my first instinct was to wear this jacket with a simple denim shirt. As the temperatures drop, I’ll try layering it over a fitted turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans for an edgy, city-girl look. I imagine the leopard print would look stunning with an emerald green sweater and gold accessories. Maybe I’ll add a baker boy cap, too? 

How would you wear this leopard print jacket? Comment below and let a thrift-sista know!

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Photography: Fox & Pine

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