Red Bandana Belt

Thrift Finds: Red Bandana Belt

Today I’m excited to roll-out yet another new series on the blog: Thrift Finds. Since the 10th grade, I’ve loved going thrifting as a hobby. Despite how dirty and ugly some thrift shops are, the amount of excitement I feel when I enter one is always the same.

Actually, scratch that.

It’s always more thrilling when I read the discount signs taped on the front doors! My favorite thrift stores are those that offer discount percentages on certain tag colors on different days of the week. For instance, 50% off all blue tags on Wednesday. So I love realizing that it’s a big discount day when I arrive! To me, thrifting is already like a fun treasure hunt game. Add in those discount percentages and man, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I love finding amazing, pre-owned pieces for a steal!

Over the years, my passion for thrifting has led me to accumulate many inexpensive, unique fashion items. From belts, to clothes, to jewelry, to bags, I’d say a good 30% of my wardrobe has come from a thrift store. In my new series, Thrift Finds, I’ll showcase some of my favorite discoveries from my thrifting trips. My hope is that this series will inspire you take a trip to your local Goodwill, and explore what’s out there! You never know what you’ll find. But you can bet it won’t be something anyone else has! 😀

To start the series, I’m featuring this red bandana belt. I found it while pulling items for test shoot at a thrift store in Denton. The belt was hanging sadly in the corner behind a plethora of other belts, but the red color popped! It’s made from genuine red bandanas, so I love how the belt itself feels “thrifty” and handmade. The fact that the bandanas are braided makes it even cooler!

The only downside to this belt is that it doesn’t have any belt loops. The brushed silver buckle makes up for that, though. I just fasten it through a hole in the braid, and it stays on all day! Currently, I’m digging how the red and white paisley print looks with light-wash denim. If you ask me, this red bandana belt looks like something Urban Outfitters would sell, but for much more than the $4.00 I spent on it!

Red bandana belt

What do you think of this red bandana belt and the new series? I’m excited to read your opinion!



Photography: Fox & Pine

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